Wednesday, 20 February 2013

People Leaving US To Run Bed And Breakfast

Why would anyone up and leave the US to run a bed and breakfast in Guanajuato, Mexico? In short, because it is a great lifestyle and time stands still. A gentle pace, a relaxed attitude, a healthy life and sun shine day in and day out. Meeting new people and experiencing a new culture, we have broader minds and a new international lifestyle.

If you build the place or renovate or take over an existing structure, make it your own and operate from your heart. Travelers love to step into the world of someone else and enjoy their creative spin on hospitality. It is very much the trend now around the world. Escaping the cookie-cutter hotels in the big cities, people in general are stressed and in overwhelm. The home-cooked meal, your flare and friendliness, this is how I view people when they respond to our bed and breakfast in Guanajuato
"Where did you get these beautiful beds?" is a common question. And, "do you have more fresh scones to buy and take with us?" Bed and Breakfast, The beds are memorable and the food is the way to the hearts of many. The years that I tweaked and tweaked until everyone in the family can make scones in their sleep. They are the best. The flavors vary from cinnamon raisin, to organic blueberry currant, to ginger/cayenne (my favorite), to cranberry orange and even an occasional pizza or cheddar bacon variety.

Just because we live as Americans in Mexico does not mean we can not be ourselves. I find that many Mexican nationals are very curious and intrigued by an American family taking up international living in a small Mexican town in the Sierra Madres in the Wild West terrain. It, we, do stand out. We open our home and people have opened their hearts to us. I tell them we love it here and they are amazed to find us living, loving and working in their country. It is usually the other way around. Any how life and the new global economy are opening doors and creating opportunities.

Looking for Mexico real estate to diversify and change your life is no small task but it is a rewarding challenge. Central Mexico is my choice. I have always felt the center of any land mass is the heart and therefore safe, insulated and most of all, balanced. Quality of life first, location and architecture comes second. I pictured a life with little time in the car, got it. I was committed to my kids learning another culture and language, got it. And, I wanted sunshine and fresh air, got it. Our bed and breakfast Guanajuato has become our Wild West adventure full of stories and memories to talk about for generations.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

In the center of it all Balance growth, this is Guanajuato, Central Mexico. The auto industries from around the globe are building plants and creating jobs. Guanajuato boasts GM, Pirelli Tires, Audi, and VW, Denso, Hirotec, Hiro, Mazda and Honda. Small towns are being employed and soccer fields are being built by the companies. It looks very much like this part of Mexico is on the move. 

Driving through Guanajuato will involve beautiful vistas through the Sierra Madres. Guanajuato real estate varies from city to city. Leon, the hub of manufacturing for leather, shoes, and more tends to be contemporary. The city is flat, the pace is fast. Real estate is expensive compared to surrounding colonial counter parts mostly because the growth of the middle to upper class and the influx of upper management from the auto industries have out paced the availability of high end homes. If you wanted to come in as an international developer and invest in land for sale in Mexico, now is the timeWith housing tight, especially in high end rentals, buying land and building for the trend in housing could be an attractive project if studied and done well, in Leon in particular. It would service the entire area including Guanajuato City and Silao.

There is some overflow into other areas like San Miguel de Allende because of the attraction to colonial architecture. Many European executives like the old feel (much like that of Europe) and San Miguel de Allende has this character. They are not at work every day so they will travel the extra distance for the Mexican colonial experience. Not to mention, the shopping and restaurants in San Miguel have quite a draw from allover Mexico. There is also one other little town just coming onto the radar called Mineral de Pozos. It is the same distance from the auto hub in Leon and Silao as San Miguel but it has a different colonial vibe with less cities and more country. A 30 km bike trail winds around the town and through the grand ruins and mountains of this ancient silver mining Puebla. The walking/hiking with big sky vistas and fresh air definitely escape the rat race and offer a new and exotic Wild West experience to the executive mind. So, weekend executive rentals are another way to play the Mexico real estate market here in Mineral de Pozos. 

It is all about international living and understanding the global shifts in economies. The bold and adventurous can also prosper from this economic boom. The rise of the middle class nationals and the influx of middle and upper class internationals make Central Mexico a great place to be.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Guanajuato: A Developing City in Central Mexico

Guanajuato Real Estate has an assortment of property decisions in a mixed bag of terrains. From San Miguel de Allende with pioneer structural planning set in the valley and neighborhoods heightened neglecting the Centro and Jardin, to Guanajuato City with tunnels in the base of mountains for driving, stopping and winding by way of this brilliant school town, to yet an additional mystical spot of Mineral de Pozos with its demolishes, mountains, colossal sky and notable silver and gold mines. The recent called 'Pozos' for short, is far and away the most credible of the towns with the most space for development. One of the grandest and wealthiest mining groups at the turn of the 20th century to the now interesting and undisturbed individuals established in old Mexican customs and a tranquil family existence.
All of these towns have the arresting pioneer components that catch the hearts of numerous internationals. The warm colors, the monstrous cant time entryway outlines and window outlines, the extravagant entryway-knockers hand-made by iron specialist skilled workers, the same press finalize galleries and open air windows, the lines and lines of planted terra-cotta pots, the vivid obsolescent mesquite and pine entryways, and so far additional. Sincerely, A montage of masterful articulation at each turn. No big surprise San Miguel, Guanajuato, Mineral de Pozos have all gotten universal homes to scholars, artists, painters, picture takers, musical artists and modelers.
So checking out or getting Guanajuato land can and does end up being a past-time of sorts and a different venue for imaginative tries for the universal neighborhood. San Miguel has been evaluated in the top ten places in the planet to exist and resign and is a huge draw for the whole Guanajuato range. Numerous pick San Miguel in light of the fact that the 'things to do' lists is copious and the social timetable can never be discharge. For those that need access to this however incline toward a quieter more pensive nature, Mineral de Pozos is just 45 minutes off and the frontier vibe exists without every last trace of the activity and weekend vacationers. Guanajuato has the night essence, the young, the laid-back pilgrim spirit that helps me to remember towns in northern Italy.
This state in Mexico, midway spotted and in the mountains, carry the ideal atmosphere... cool nights and warm days and generally usually daylight. I likewise just peruse that living in higher heights can diminish the case of coronary illness and decrease towering pulse. I might state too, that living here is an enormous enhancement in the personal satisfaction. Something in regards to the object from olden times surroundings and the enthusiastic, inviting Mexican ways, just upgrade anyone's attitude. It doesn't harm either, to have much more diminutive basic need bills with natural products of the soil on each square. Protection, property charges, and eating out are fiercely less unmanageable than the US, Canada, and Europe.
Ultimately, there are different urban communities like Silao, Leon and Salamanca which are all swirling with production in shoes, furniture, and in particular the auto commercial enterprises. Associations like Pirelli, Audi, VW, Mazda have considered their new assembling here with less work costs, and shabbier transporting to their prevailing business sectors of USA, Canada and South America. So it is just common that the executives are spreading out from their plants and leasing and getting Guanajuato land in the more provincial towns said above. It is stated that this region of Mexico could be blasting in development over the following five years. This is an extremely positive growth for the land business sector in Central Mexico, Guanajuato.

Develop My land in Mexico

Searching for a good developer who can construct my 55 hectares of lovely land, that I have barely recorded in Central Mexico. At the time that I get a vast package that has been a family for a considerable length of time it is electrifying. Virgin land never been touched actually with trees over a hundred years old, an old gold mine, a went away waterway, an awesome southeast incline. It is a situated up for an encountered designer to make it happen. The bundle differs from business, fronting the fundamental way, to private moving far from the way and up the slant.
I prefer to stroll the area with the holder and get a have sympathy for the geology and study else other possibilities regarding the trees, the vegetation and the run of the drizzle water. Offering Mexico land is not only in regards to having stock with you. It includes the history of the individuals, the range and what might the utilization be going send, to give to the group and carry a profitable financing to the purchaser. In this specific situation, I see a rich, semi off-the-matrix, lodging group of reasonable, one story homes, gathering downpour water, getting the sun optimally to keep heat and cooling steady, raising with vernacular of the range in white stone. The style of a stone chiefly indigenous to this region in Central Mexico can make a long-continuing to tick, sentimental structures in contemporary flare or memorable lines, both work well.
The focus is global living and fabricating a retirement dream home could be extremely remunerating in this part of Mexico. The climate gleams, warm and sunny in the day, and cool around evening time. The dry desert and mountain terrain breathes huge skies in all bearings. Provided that ever there was a spot to respect the breadth of essence, this is it. No tumble weeds like Montana however the open vistas are about as grand. The bait of the Wild West leaving the enormous city push behind. An atmosphere such as that of Provence and France where lavender, rosemary and sunflowers thrive.
Expansive bundles could be called commercial property for sale to be purchased actually just due to size. It doesn't indispensably manage an impressive sprawling manufacturing. Arranging lodging domains is extremely much a business attempt. It is my vision that Mineral de Pozos develop and develop well and dependably. Lodging in a moderate run for one or two individuals appears to be the sweet spot under $225 K. This is exceptionally do-capable in Mexico. Besides the finished feature could be staggering. No place else can an individual assemble a sentimental stone house for that cost with 50% of the American citizenry single and the boomers turning in and downsizing, the numbers work with 25 hectares with 25 homes yields 2.2 sections of land for every house with a 1200 sq.ft home for under $225 K. The brand new air, excellent views, and cultivating potential outcomes are perpetual. As a planner, furnishing a value essence, regarding the scene and nature and making a profit between 15-20% appears to be a score situation.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Mexican couple for Bed and Breakfast

How can this be, no Snicker bar? As an American, I never thought I would utter those words. A sunny Saturday afternoon after closing the store my son comes cruising through the front door with Snicker in hand. "That looks really good, run back to the store and get one for me" and he says "there are no more".
In my life Snickers have been solace to gloomy days or just a pick-me-up in late afternoons after design sessions lasting too many hours. Today was an internet day sporadically working in the store and playing online. It just looked yummy! I stopped and laughed. Whoever heard of not having stock on a Snicker.
Small pleasures and taking things for granted...constant themes living in this tiny High Desert town in Mexico. Oreos can suffer this same dilemma, I know because my daughter loves them and I hear her whine when they are not gettable. Hot dogs are another one. I have only found all beef hot dogs one hour away at Costco. Everywhere else it is a nasty mushy mix of beef and turkey by-products. Unacceptable to our American palettes so we just do without.
I received an inquiry last week from an American asking if he could get all of his needs met within a block because he has spent his life going to the 7Eleven, and he was not willing to give that up. Of course I could not even respond. What would I say! Statements like that make me wonder how we are still a semblance of a society....maybe it is all a charade.
We have a lovely Mexican couple staying with us this weekend in our B&B and they arrived with goodies in hand requesting the use of our frig....tupperware of sliced ham and various other snacks. I am sure to them ham is like a hot dog or a snicker to an American. It turns out a previous guest who had referred them for our Bed and Breakfast Guanajuato, told them to bring their own ham because we did not serve it! So funny. Mexicans LOVE sliced ham.
As a family we have learned to be grateful and do without. At least once or twice a month the electricity goes out for 12 hours which means no water either. The first time this happened I thought I would lose it....on every bout after that, I adjusted. We go into bootcamp mode now when the thunder starts to roll, fill the water purifiers at every sink, wash all the dishes, shower if you stink and get ready for no water. We once went three days when the town pump broke. It's all good! Life is so much more than the what you expect.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Life in Mexico

21 years of fashion design in the USA...ten of those years were spent watching businesses fold as clothing and fabric production continued to go to Asia. When the countries largest cotton producer went down, I started to be concerned. I knew nothing about world economics. My focus was design and production, hindsight in my career has taught me big lessons. Offshore living has really opened my eyes and given me time to reflect on my past and watch the global economies in awe.
Mineral de Pozos is so far removed from my normal big city reality and then throw in a new language, a new country and I have myself a big bubble to shift my existence. Reflection is a daily activity probably consuming at least three hours of my time in between doing laundry, watching my grand baby, making lunch, washing dishes and my ordinary bootcamp of activities. The only other time I remember so much quiet time is during my elementary years spent living on Cinderella Road on Lookout Mountain. I built a forte in the woods behind our house and sat in it by myself wondering how my life would turn out. Of course, this only took place on days when my friends were not available to raise havoc in our niche. Pozos could be like Lookout, I think, if you add in alot of dogwoods, creeks, and finely mowed lawns. Those were the days and it seems I am back to it again. Youth has its place in my transformation.
Since childhood, creation and apparel were my daily fascinations. I built a sewing room in our basement from a closet with a window, paint, and some wild graphics to state my intent. The word SEW was in three foot letters in royal purple and an arrow left off the 'W' to trail around the room. I loved it! Occasionally, I would surface upstairs for a meal and sunlight. Maybe even interaction with my annoying brothers or to mow the lawn for spending money at the fabric store.
Fabric stores and sewing, a major morph. I learned to sew at age 8 and started making my own clothes at 13. Almost my entire high school wardrobe was crafted by my hand and my very slow Singer sewing machine from Sears. As I write, the point continues to surface. Ask anyone these days in the younger generation if they know how to describe fabric or fiber content. And then ask them if they know how to sew. No to both in most cases. As I see it, the American Dream of entrepreneurial designers started shifting when cotton left the scene in the US. Fabric stores are small and filled mostly with polyester fabrics made in China. Cottons are expensive and really, why would anyone spend the time making anything when they can buy it for pennies on the dollar, 'made in china' or 'made in vietnam' has had its impact. The youth are on computers not learning or knowing what it is to meditate, create and produce. I have four children and while they are artistic, they could not mend a hole or fix a seam if their life depended on it. My son has recently learned to whip stitch because his gramma makes stitched lavender pillows and he finds it fascinating.
Now more to the point, how I have tackled the shift from designer and production manager to international entrepreneur? Grueling and upsetting in places but quite remarkable, again, in hindsight, I started off really trying to fix myself and make myself something that did not involve creation, my biggest mistake. I continue to see, when I create, I thrive. Getting up to snuff, taking my baby boomer self from successful designer to ? was riddled with mistakes. The tarot cards with my daughter, the daily numerology, the many books I rely on, and hours the best, give it all you got, and expose yourself with authenticity....oh, and don't concern yourself with the outcome or peoples' reactions. Be happy, be genuine, listen for the messages and rely on miracles.
I live in a tiny town in Central Mexico and I love it! I spent two and a half years marketing real estate in a questionable market, in a tiny town, with desert dust and church bells and the whole negative rap on Mexico in the mix. In the last two months, I started to apply 'be genuine, be happy, be creative', and marketing real estate shifted to: market the town, show the people, tell the story.
I should remark on a shift here too, no apologizing for Mexico, Mexicans, dust, poverty, animals roaming the streets. Allowing for the whole thing, the big picture. Authentic and agricultural...when I see the contrast of elegant against rustic, I see that is Pozos. Only 1% of the land mass is being used in Mexico so when you look at it like that, many things have to take place in a town to make it sustainable. People, schools, veggies, donkeys, buildings, ruins, commerce. There really is not a 'correct' place for everything the way more developed cities and countries exist.
I find it refreshing and feel like I am back in the Wild West and lo and behold, take your horse out for a cocktail at the local cantina and NEVER enjoy an outing to the Mac Store. The really big leap comes when I come back from a walk and get back on my computer.
This is my creation. A new and wildly beautiful, ultra responsive website for Pozos Real Estate showcases my ideas about marketing research and the hospitality industry, how a knowledge economy can apply to Pozos, and highlighting the international community in International Living. Inviting everyone in town to participate regardless of how they see me cutting into a piece of their continues to work out.
I am constantly making videos, learning the ropes on iMovie, building a Youtube Channel for MineralPozos, building a campaign on Linkedin, and doing market research in Guanajuato to create a customer for Pozos, and last but not least, writing about my experience and sharing my adventure. I am most grateful to have this life, this quiet community, to slowdown and smell the cactus (no roses around). My mother always said, 'if you do nothing in life, TRAVEL!' and 'you will always have an open mind'. I trust when I am up against it and willing to play big, big things will come to me. Change always requires trust, it is not always easy to play with change.